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Dad By The Sword is a game about YOUR DAD running around in jorts and slaying Anti-Dads with a claymore. Experience a unique First Person Swordplay experience as you try not to get killed by hot dogs. Outsmart your enemies, destroy weak points in their armor, and then slice through them.

It's [fill in recent popular game you liked] meets [barely related popular thing you also liked] meets [I don't know, some game with a dad in it].

Dad By The Sword: Swordplay Simulation Action Tactics FACTSHEET

- Randomly generated dungeons for new battles every time you play
- Pray at Dad Altars to gain character modifying dad perks (AKA "DERKS")
- Find Dad Accessories that give you wondrous new abilities
- Pretend I said it's "Dark Souls meets Heavy Rain meets Octodad" before
- Character creation is a groundbreaking 100% infallible IRL paternity test
- "It's Dark Messiah meets Skyward Sword meets your dad meets Spelunky"